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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

This page provides the SinArt Competitions' Refund and Credits Policies.

No Refunds
All purchases made through SinArt are final and there are no refunds.

We would like to clearly and explicitly state that, we will absolutely not refund any fees and payments. We do not issue refunds regarding nominations especially after results announcement. Please read this section carefully, as there is possibility of issuing “Credits” to understand what “Credits” mean please read Credit Policy below.

Refund Policy

  • No refunds. All payments or sales are final. 
    There are no refunds for nomination fees after or before results announcement.

  • Entrants are solely responsible for choices made regarding nomination category and entry term. 

  • Entrants are expected to carefully evaluate our participation terms and agreements and read the fine prints or any notes to ensure that the conditions are understood clearly.

  • Entrants cannot allow children or other unauthorized family members or friends to access their credit cards or their account at the payment site to ensure that no one pays for a purchase without their express permission.

  • Entrants cannot request a refund for winners’ services or kits because the winners’ services or kits are provided free of charge: SinArt nomination fee only covers the judging of the awarded entries, and any “winners’ services” are provided complimentary to laureates to celebrate their success. This differentiates from other competitions which charge additional further fees for winners’ services, thus no refunds for any winners' services.

  • Entrants are solely responsible for keeping up with our campaigns, marketing offers and sales discounts. Entrants cannot request a discount, a credit or refund to benefit from current or past offers or discounts after making any payments.

  • Explicitly and once again stated: Entrants cannot request refunds for expired nomination tickets. Entrants cannot request a refund because their artwork were not declared as an "award winning artwork". You cannot request a refund if you take part in the competition and if your artwork was not a winner. You cannot request a refund after results announcement.

  • If a participant requests refunds directly from the payment processor (for example instead of asking refunds from SinArt but rather directly contacting the bank, credit card company, online payment gateway, online payment service provider, payments processors, e-banking, or any other way for withholding or withdrawing payments) instead of communicating with SinArt first via email and waiting for 7 business days for processing of inquiry, in this case regardless of what is written in the refunds policy, the SinArt reserves right not to refund any payments.

Exceptions to our No Refund Policy

  • Within 7 days after nomination, if a final invoice is not yet issued , we have a “no questions asked, full refund” period for nomination payments made via Credit Card and PayPal methods. We will use the existing functionality in our POS – Banking Gateway or Paypal Interface to automatically refund such payments. However if an invoice is already made for your payment or if the artwork has already been assigned a preliminary score, or if the entry has received a vote, or if the nomination was made after late entry period, we cannot make a refund. We do not provide refunds for artwork that have been assigned a preliminary score in order to avoid our scoring mechanism used against us; in case your artwork got a low preliminary score after the payment you cannot get a refund but you can 1) Most likely improve the entry or its presentation. 2) Update the entry with another artwork and request a new score.

  • Within 7 days after nomination, if a final invoice is not yet issued, any nomination fee payments made using wire transfer (electronic fund transfer) will also be refunded without any questions asked, however banking fees will be deducted, this fee varies based on your bank and the amount refunded. Likewise for other type of payments, similar transaction fees will be deducted and administrative fees can apply. However if an invoice is already made for your payment, we cannot make a refund but apply a credit.

  • If within 7 days, a result status is already set, i.e. if the participant work has been assigned any status (winner, runner-up, participant or disqualified) we cannot make an exception to our no refund policy.

Bad Faith

  • We expect participants to contact us for any refund requests, and wait up to 14 working days for an answer. In case a participant contacts their bank or payments processor directly or without waiting for our answer, we will consider this as a sign of bad faith. 

Dire Circumstances

  • In case of life-and-death situation you can always put in a request for refund. We refunded many people who had suffered from force majeure such as extraordinary events and circumstances beyond the control of the entrants including wars, strikes, riots, crimes, and act of God such as hurricane, flooding, earthquake, volcanic eruption, etc. as well as death of parents, siblings or loved ones, or in case of bankruptcy. Depending on the situation, we will try our best to do any refunds.

Contact Us
If you have any questions about our Refunds Policy, please contact us at

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