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SinArt (Singapore International Art Festival) was established in 2012 with the passion to inspire art and cultural exchanges in various fields between Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong.

Our vision is to become the top professional cultural exchange centre in Singapore and to spread the culture of Nanyang globally.

SinArt have since hosted various art exchange exhibitions for local and foreign artists which involves individuals, teams, students and professionals. Other than art exchange exhibitions, SinArt have also hosted international cultural arts competitions and trainings such as Summer training camps for the young and upcoming artists to help develop leadership in the arts community.


SinArt then successfully hosted the Singapore International Art Festival in Singapore and registered the SinArt Festival Trademark since 2017.


SinArt have achieved many milestones in this short span of time and will continue to spread the arts culture by undertaking arts and cultural exchange activities in South East Asia and China. Established based on the culture of Nanyang, service and integrity is SinArt’s priority and purpose.

IEM (Organising Partner)

International Entrepreneurs Matching (iEM) was founded in 2015 by a group of entrepreneurs who come from a variety of industries. From traditional, classic industries such a fashion and food and beverage to modern core-service ones like photography, media and business consultancy, these great minds came together with the sole purpose of creating a hub for other entrepreneurs to share ideas and resources.


Founded in Singapore, iEM has been regarded as one of the most complete all-in-one solutions for entrepreneurs seeking solutions for their business needs. From corporate solutions to business consultancy services, investment advisory to turnkey solutions for start-ups

iEM is Asia’s leading business matching platform, bridging industries such as art, media, fashion, food and beverage, personal development, beauty and wellness and more. 

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